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Sorry but we are forced to close for the day due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologize profusely and will see y'all on Tuesday.
We have chili in the house! Have it as a Chili-Cheese Burger ($10 for the burger), Chili-Cheese Fries ($8) or on its own in a bowl ($6).
Holy Mother of Poutine! This is freakinfantastic!!! We will have the poutine on until the end of next week.
Thanksgiving Poutine is ready! $8/$12. And for a soup we have Butternut Squash with sage-cream infusion.
We'll have the Thanksgiving Poutine ready for tomorrow and, owing to the short week and delay, we will be extending the special through to the end of next week as well.
We are frantically working on the Thanksgiving Poutine. Stay tuned - we'll post once ready!
Owing to the Thanksgiving weekend we are closing earlier than posted (now at 5:00PM), just to give the team a little more time with their families. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving everyone and we'll see you on Wednesday!
If anybody is left in town, we're open and cooking the best burgers in Durham!
This Week's Feature is back on!